Training Camps

We tailor training camps according to the needs and wishes of the teams. From us, you always get a personalized service just for your needs.

If you wish, we can book e.g. ice rink shifts and stadium shifts as well as ground services for you completely free of charge. Feel free to ask more!

With us, you can relax in eco-friendly rooms in the peace of nature near the sports area. We offer a 100% mvuttorna environment. At the end of the day, you can relax in our spacious sauna, which offers soft baths for up to 20 people.

We also customize menus and work closely with nutritionists to meet the needs of groups.

in addition, our area has free parking and a spacious storage area.

We are located only approx. 5 minutes' walk from e.g. of the following;

- Ukonnierni-arena

- Ukonniemi-stadion

- Imatra Tennis Hall

- Ukonniemi tennis- and padeI fields

- Ukonniemi pump station

- Frisbee golf course in UkonnIerne


Come and cooperate with us. Contact us!